Helpful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

I am consistently amazed with OS X because I am always learning new tricks to make interacting with the OS easier. A big part of this are the many keyboard shortcuts available for window management. Here are a few that I use fairly often:

⌘M – Minimize the current window.

Now, to select a window and bring it to the forefront again you do:

⌘TAB – Cycle through windows (similar to Alt-Tab on Windows)

The only problem with this is that if you had previously minimized one of those windows before, it will not show up when you release. To get around this problem, do the following:

⌘TAB and press ⌥ when the minimized window you want is displayed and it will open up when you release. If you have more than one window minimized for that application, this won’t work. Instead, use the arrow keys to select which window you want to show.

Other useful commands:

⌘Q – Quit the application
⌘H – Hide the application

If you want to go nuts, you can simply open up Preferences, then Keyboard, then click on the Shortcuts tab. Once there, select App Shortcuts and click + then enter any application menu item’s name exactly as it appears and assign a shortcut. You will also find many other shortcut capabilities in this tab. For instance, you can assign a shortcut key combination to any available system service.

OS X is truly amazing. The flexibility of the system is incredible. The more you dig in, the better it gets.

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