Delete an Internet Account when JAMF policy disables Internet Accounts

On a JAMF managed Mac, you can find yourself inadvertently adding an Exchange (Yahoo!, Gmail, etc) account to Internet Accounts. This becomes a problem if your JAMF profile changes and restricts access to Internet Accounts because you then have no visible way to remove it. There are two big problems with this situation. One is unwanted notifications. The other is what happens when this Internet Account is an Exchange account and you have recently reset your Active Directory password, but are now unable to change the password in the Internet Account and it does not auto-update. This can lead to your Mac constantly polling your Active Directory server to update and forcing your account to be locked over and over.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix.

Simply open the following file with a SQLLite editor such as Base:


And delete the accounts in the ZACCOUNT table.




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