Helpful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

I am consistently amazed with OS X because I am always learning new tricks to make interacting with the OS easier. A big part of this are the many keyboard shortcuts available for window management. Here are a few that I use fairly often:

⌘M – Minimize the current window.

Now, to select a window and bring it to the forefront again you do:

⌘TAB – Cycle through windows (similar to Alt-Tab on Windows)

The only problem with this is that if you had previously minimized one of those windows before, it will not show up when you release. To get around this problem, do the following:

⌘TAB and press ⌥ when the minimized window you want is displayed and it will open up when you release. If you have more than one window minimized for that application, this won’t work. Instead, use the arrow keys to select which window you want to show.

Other useful commands:

⌘Q – Quit the application
⌘H – Hide the application

If you want to go nuts, you can simply open up Preferences, then Keyboard, then click on the Shortcuts tab. Once there, select App Shortcuts and click + then enter any application menu item’s name exactly as it appears and assign a shortcut. You will also find many other shortcut capabilities in this tab. For instance, you can assign a shortcut key combination to any available system service.

OS X is truly amazing. The flexibility of the system is incredible. The more you dig in, the better it gets.

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Great Chicago Food (from a born, raised, and current Chicagoan)

Chicken Wings
Great Seas
3254 W Lawrence Ave

Thin Crust Pizza
Vito & Nicks
8433 South Pulaski Road

3701 W 95th St, Evergreen Park

Deep Dish Pizza
Pequod’s Pizza
8520 Fernald Ave, Morton Grov

Lou Malnati’s
6649 N Lincoln Ave, Lincolnwood

Gino’s East
162 E Superior St

3701 W 95th St, Evergreen Park

Kuma’s Corner
2900 West Belmont Avenue

Illinois Bar and Grill
4135 W. 47th Street

Lockdown Bar & Grill
1024 North Western Avenue

5739 E Irving Park Rd

Fried Chicken
Chicken Basket
645 Joliet Rd. Willowbrook

Honey One BBQ
2241 North Western Avenue

Uncle Bubs
132 S Cass Ave, Westmont

3800 N Pulaski Rd #2

Fried Shrimp
Lawrences Seafood Restaurant
2120 South Canal Street

Polish Sausage
1250 South Union Avenue

Pork Chop Sandwich
Maxwell Street Depot
411 W 31st St

Hot Dog
Jimmy’s Red Hots
4000 West Grand Avenue

Gene & Jude’s
2720 River Rd, River Grove

6363 N Milwaukee Ave

Central Gyros Restaurant
3127 North Central Avenue

Cafe Iberico
737 N LaSalle St

4100 Roosevelt Rd, Hillside

4441 W Irving Park Rd

Italian Village
71 W Monroe St

Hagen’s Fish Market
5635 W Montrose Ave

Calumet Fisheries
3259 E 95th St

Tacos & Burritos
3949 W 71st St

El Farol
6136 S Archer Rd, Summit

4126 W 26th St

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Apple’s Menlo font (used in xCode 4) on Windows

I really liked the Menlo font in xCode 4. Since I work in Visual Studio all day, I decided to do a little research and see if there was a good substitute. Luckily, I am not the only one who feels this way and I found the following:

I also found a great site for Visual Studio color schemes:

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Saint Michael

Saint Michael: Patron Saint of Soldiers and Policemen

Life and strength of all Thy servants,
Brightness of the Father’s light;
Men with angels, earth with Heaven,
In Thy praise their songs unite.

Thousand thousand warrior princes
In Thine angel army stand;
Flames the victor cross before them,
Grasped in Michael’s dauntless hand.

Hurling back from Heav’n the rebels
With the lifting of his sword,
In the might of God he tramples
On the dragon’s head abhorred.

Lord of angels, Christ, we pray Thee,
Bid them aid us in our strife,
Chase afar the hosts of evil,
Till we reach the land of life.

God the Father, God immortal,
God the Son, for us who died,
God the Comforter, the Spirit,
Evermore be glorified!

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